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Functional improvement news user : Ochanoko/Kawakata 2014-07-09 13:57:03 (JST)  No.335


Image displayed for items on Terms & Conditions improved.

If you display image for items such as phone number and email address in Terms & Conditions,
transparent background became available instead of white background.

Go to [Shop Manager] > [Basic Settings] > [Terms & Conditions].

The Automatic Generated Image Setting box is added at the bottom.
Choose 'Transparent background (PNG)', and color selection field for text opens.
Click ▼ to open color picker, and choose a color for text.

These settings are applied to the items where 'Display Image' is selected.

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Functional improvement news user : Ochanoko/Kawakata 2014-07-07 14:48:42 (JST)  No.334


Products belonging to New Arrivals and Recommended Products are searched before CSV file downloaded.

Go to [Shop Manager] > [Inventory] > [Import/Export].
New Arrivals and Recommended Products are added to options in Download CSV File box.
Please put a check to choose an option and click the Download button to download a CSV file.

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Functional improvement news user : Ochanoko/Kawakata 2014-07-03 15:26:32 (JST)  No.333


IP address is added to elements of blacklist.

Go to [Basic Settings] > [Black List] and enter IP address if needed.

Please note that IP address is variable.
White IP address might be judged as black IP address if it was assigned to another user.
Check the actual purchaser information when handling your order.

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Functional improvement news user : Ochanoko/Kawakata 2014-07-02 09:09:53 (JST)  No.332


Questions and answers in member registration form is added to a CSV file.

You can download them with member information on [Shop Manager] > [Order Control] > [Member information].
Please put a check in 'Include questions and answers' and the Download All Member Information button.

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Functional improvement news user : Ochanoko/Kawakata 2014-06-25 14:23:15 (JST)  No.331


You can now designate target products and Except products from target of a coupon code.
Free shipping coupon is also available.

1. Go to [Shop Manager] > [Advanced Settings] > [Coupon System].
2. Click the Create Coupon button to open the setting page.
3. Enter coupon code name and choose a coupon type between Discount Coupon and Free Shipping Coupon.
4. Setting fields open. Fill in the field and click the Complete Setting button.
If you choose Discount Coupon, you can designate up to 10 products, 1 category or 1 group.

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How to change Top Image under HTML5 user : Steven 2014-06-14 22:07:35 (JST)  No.329


I am testing HTML5 page but fail to change the Top Image I want even though I have specified the "linked URL" under "Layout / Images / Comments".
Can you help check the problem?

Many thanks.

The issue is resolved user : Steven 2014-06-15 17:36:00 (JST)  No.330


I found the correct setting.

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Functional improvement news user : Ochanoko/Kawakata 2014-06-10 11:17:25 (JST)  No.328


Upgraded templates of HTML5 design became available today.

Website shows in 980 pixels wide and page layout was greatly upgraded.
Additionally new pages and functions were added to this new template.

Please try new template on [Shop Manager] > [Design Control] > [Template].
If you use migration mode, you can set up on HTML5 template while keeping your shopping site open on a current template.

After choosing an HTML5 template, lay out a front page on [Shop Manager] > [Design Control] > [Layout / Images / Comments].

Feature page for HTML5 design template

HTML5 design template list

Example shopping site

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Functional improvement news user : Ochanoko/Kawakata 2014-04-17 13:44:27 (JST)  No.327


Shopping guide becomes editable using free free space, and articles to show can be selected.

Go to [Shop Manager] > [Basic Settings] > [Shopping Guide].
Choose display status on Display on Shopping Guide list.

Article of Payment Method is created automatically based on your settings of payment methods.
Recommended Terminal Spec always shows on PC site and Smartphone site.

If you choose 'Display prepared description', fixed message will be displayed.
If you choose 'Create original content', you must edit your content in Free Space.

Additional Comment in How to show will be displayed in addition to the usual content.

All of 'Note on Shopping Guide' fields and description of icon fields were moved to this page.

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PayPal seller protection option added user : Ochanoko/Kawakata 2014-04-10 10:26:16 (JST)  No.326


To make the shipment eligible for PayPal Seller Protection program,
we added an option in [Advanced Settings] > [Payment Methods: PayPal].

To activate this option, check the box of 'Use the Seller Protection'.
The first recipient address is sent to PayPal.
If you accept a multiple recipient order, please note this point.

The conditions of this program differ by countries.
Please contact PayPal for detailed information.

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Free Space added to Bank Transfer field user : Ochanoko/Kawakata 2014-03-25 13:10:36 (JST)  No.325


Free space become available for each bank account setting field
in [Payment Methods] > Bank Transfer.

This free space will appear in the following pages.
- Shopping Guide
- Payment page in shopping cart
- Order confirmation email (auto-reply)
- Email sent through email management

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Marks for number of repeat purchases improved user : Ochanoko/Kawakata 2014-02-20 14:21:45 (JST)  No.324


Repeat purchases was counted up to 5 times, and more than 6 times showed as a star mark.

This count was improved, and numbers show after 6 times now.
This improvement is applied to filter on order list, member list and CSV file.

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Anti-spam function on BBS improved user : Ochanoko/Kawakata 2014-02-18 13:16:06 (JST)  No.323


Anti-spam function is changed from easy calculation to image verification.
Users must type the characters shown in the picture before post a message.

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Notes on Shopping improved user : Ochanoko/Kawakata 2014-02-18 13:15:39 (JST)  No.322


You can show Notes on Shopping after sign-in.

Notes on Shopping appeared for new customers in the registration form and
customer information entry page before sign-in.

To show Notes on Shopping for returned customers, please select 'Display'
in the Notes on Shopping field on [Shop Manager] > [Basic Settings] > [Customer Info Entry Page].
This function will be active if 'Use' Note on Shopping is selected.

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You can remove 'Add to Cart' button without changing a template user : Ochanoko/Kawakata 2014-01-29 12:00:48 (JST)  No.321


If you hided 'Add to Cart' button of all items, you had to change a template.

Now, you can hide all 'Add to Cart' button without changing a template.

Go to [Shop Manager] > [Design Control] > [Shop Status].
Select 'Hide' in the Shopping Cart field.

You can select this option between PC Site and Smartphone Site separately.

If you wish to hid 'Add to Cart' button selecting an item, please set it on the item registration page.

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Shop can be closed individually user : Ochanoko/Kawakata 2014-01-29 12:00:08 (JST)  No.320


Shop can be closed individually between PC Site and Smartphone site.
Go to [Shop Manager] > [Design Control] > [Shop Status], and select 'Close' for each site.

If you access your shopping site through Shop Manager after closing your website,
you can go through the shopping cart before account verified.

Please view smartphone site through Shop Manager, clicking 'Shop Preview' button
on [Smartphone Site Control] screen.

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Notice of Price Increase user : Ochanoko/Kawakata 2014-01-21 10:12:23 (JST)  No.319


Dear Valued Ochanoko-net Customer,

We plan price increase on Ochanoko-net service scheduled
to take effect on March 21, 2014.
All payments processed after March 21 will be subject of new prices.

Starting: March 21, 2014

<Economy Package (OCNK Domain Plan)>
PC Site service will be JPY 540 per month
Smartphone Site service will be JPY 540 per month

<Standard Package (Private Domain Plan)>
PC Site service will be JPY 2,160 per month
Smartphone Site service will be JPY 1,080 per month

○Domain Fee
Setting Fee will be JPY 6,480
Domain Annual Fee will be JPY 3,240

○Item Addition (for Standard Package)
up to 10,000 items will be JPY 1,080
up to 15,000 items will be JPY 2,160
up to 20,000 items will be JPY 3,240
up to 15,000 items will be JPY 4,320
up to 30,000 items will be JPY 5,400

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.
We are looking forward to your continuing patronage despite this increase.

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About tracking number user : Steven 2014-01-08 14:49:34 (JST)  No.317


I just tried to fill tracking number for an order, it's under "Sender/Recipient : 1 " of order detail page and I use "Change Sender/Recipient" button to do the change.
I firstly fill the tracking number like "0681066302" in the field and click "View Entry" button. In next page, I then click "Complete Setting" button to confirm the change. But it seems go back to previous page and ask me to view entry again.
I go back to order detail to check if the change is applied. But found the tracking number field is still empty.

Is there a certain rule for this field or any restriction on it?

Many thanks.

Editing Tracking Number user : Ochanoko/Kawakata 2014-01-14 17:28:42 (JST)  No.318


Sorry for this belated reply.

We found system error occurred, and we have just fixed it.
Please try it again.

We apologize for causing you such an inconvenience.

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New embedded tag added to Metatags (Each Page) user : Ochanoko/Kawakata 2013-11-14 13:54:14 (JST)  No.316


A new tag of {SearchKeyword} is available in the Search Result Page field on [Metatags (Each Page)].

This tag is useful to avoid duplicate content penalty on the Google Webmaster Tools.

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How to hidden the text shop name user : allib 2013-10-15 17:46:53 (JST)  No.312


As title. thanks.

Hide the text shop name user : Ochanoko/Kawakata 2013-10-15 18:16:28 (JST)  No.313


To hide the text shop name, please edit CSS.

Go to [Shop Manager] > [Design Control] > [CSS].
Copy the following and paste it at the bottom of the Style Sheet field.

.shoptext {
visibility: hidden;

CSS user : allib 2013-10-16 10:15:09 (JST)  No.314


Hi, thank you for your rapid reply.

I pasted the CSS on the bottom of the style sheet.
On the preview page, it look success.
Once I clicked complete setting, nothing change.


Change on your page user : Ochanoko/Kawakata 2013-10-16 13:09:19 (JST)  No.315


I checked your page and confirmed your shop name undisplayed.

If you cannot see it, you might view cache left in you PC.
Please clean the cache or use another browser, and try again.

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[Improvement] Message on the purchase completion page can be edited user : Ochanoko/Kawakata 2013-09-26 16:05:00 (JST)  No.311


The message was fixed on the purchase completion page but gets editable now.

Go to [Shop Manager] > [Advanced Settings] > [Cart Settings].
Edit the message in the Purchase Completion Page box.
HTML tags are available here.


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