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PC Version

Economy Plan with OCNK Domain Monthly Fee US$4.95

Standard Plan with Private Domain Monthly Fee US$19.95

- Flat Fee.

- Advance payment for one year contract.

Smartphone Version

Economy Plan with OCNK Domain Monthly Fee US$4.95

Standard Plan with Private Domain Monthly Fee US$9.95

- Flat Fee.

- Advance payment for one year contract.

Demo Site for Smartphone

You can send the url of smartphone site. Enter your email address of smartphone.

Recommended PC Environment


Vista, 7, 8, 10
IE8 or higher,
Google Chrome


OSX 10.7 or higher
Safari, Firefox


Welcome to the Ochanoko Affiliate Program

Welcome to the Ochanoko Affiliate Program

Ochanoko-net is looking for affiliate partners! Our affiliate program pays you a commission if a paid member registration is made through your website.

You receive $10.00 in commission for each paid member registration we receive. *for each person who pays their service charge after the free trial period. Comission will be payed only to PayPal.

What's an Affiliate?

Affiliate means "to work together with".
Ochanoko-net affiliate program provides you with a system for introducing Ochanoko-net to others. Both individuals and companies are welcome to be a part of this program.

This program is entirely free of charge and pays commission to you, in accordance with our agreement, when a paid user reaches with us through a link on your page or email newsletter.

If you have your own website, all you need to do is put a banner ad of our website on it. If someone clicks on that banner and becomes a paid member of Ochanoko, it is automatically recorded as your referral. Even if you do not have your own website, you can join this program. After you are approved, we issue you an ID and a URL. You can paste the url, for example, in your email newsletter. This URL works the same way as our banner. Please take this opportunity to join our affiliate program.

(*Your website and email newsletter will be screened prior to registration.)

Ochanoko Affiliate Program

Basic commission

$10.00 for each paid user registration

Timing of Payment

2 months after the month that the commission is generated.

Payment terms:

after commission exceeds $50.00 in a month *1

Valid days to Visit Us

30 days *2

*1 If the total commission generated for you by the end of the current month is less than $50.00, that commission will be carried over to the next month.

*2 If the candidate who visited our website through a link on your website and/or newsletter visits us again to register within 30 days, that will be counted as your referral. Under the Ochanoko affiliate program, referrals from your website are recorded on a 30-day cycle.

Note : It will not count as a referral if :


cookies are not enabled on the browser;


the visit could not be counted due to your site using a frame. *In a frame, referrals may not be able to be recorded. If you use it, set the link target as <_blank> to open your Ochanoko pages in another window to avoid this;


we do not receive the payment before the free trial period ends